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Love this space.

I brought my bike up to my own apartment for the first time this weekend (my building has bike storage, though not nearly enough). 

And realized that I actually do believe an idle, muddy, well-worn bike completes a home. Aesthetically!  West coast living, what have you done to me?




couple+baby+art, books and many papers in 650sf

Inspiration: An English wartime book of cartoons called “How to Live in a Flat” illustrated by W. Heath Robinson. It’s filled with brilliant yet ridiculous solutions for how to live in small spaces.

Must find that book!

Xmas table

Lovelies from Maai Living.

This one’s mine!  Maybe I should change to the Eiffel base.

Entry from the AT 2011 Small Cool. 

Matte white corian countertops, white kitchen shelving. Much as I dislike open shelving (DUSTY!), this looks real nice.  


This should be my house


Handmade coat rack by you have broken the internet is amazing, and only cost $71 to make!